Hatsumi Masaaki is a Soke of 9 schools:

Togakure Ryu Ninpo Happo Biken-34th Soke
Gyokushin Ryu Ninpo Happo Biken-21th Soke
Kumogakure Ryu Ninpo Happo Biken-14th Soke
Gyokko ryu Kosshijutsu Happo Biken-28th Soke
Kukishinden Ryu Taijutsu Happo Biken-28th Soke
Shinden Fudo Ryu Dakentaijutsu Happo Biken-26th Soke
Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu Happo Biken-17th Soke
Koto Ryu Koppojutsu Happo Biken-18th Soke
Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu Happo Biken-15th Soke

Future Soke, Hatsumi Masaaki, was born
on the 2nd of December 1931 in the city
of Noda-shi in Chiba ken district, Japan.
The main reason why he began studying
martial arts was the behavior of his
father who often drank and returned
home agressive. This situation in the
family helped to develop the Hatsumi
sense of danger which has been
preserved throughout his life. Later
this quality helped him in studying of
Ninpo foundations. In 13 years Hatsumi
Masaaki began studying Judo. He
graduated from Meiji university and
got degree of doctor in medical school
in Yotsuya city. For 15 years he had
trained kobudo before he met with
Toshitsugu Takamatsu. In 27 years
Hatsumi Masaaki became his student.
Teaching had lasted for 15 years
before teacher`s death. Hatsumi
Masaaki got title of soke in 9 schools
from the teacher. In 1973 Hatsumi
founded a Bujinkan Dojo in memory
of Toshitsugu Takamatsu: "The Palace
of Divine Warrior". Since 1982 Taikai
held in USA and Europe and Daikomyosai
in Japan (in honour of Soke birthday).
There are many books and DVD in which
Great Master shares knoleges and
philosophy of martial arts. "My body
speaks international language" says
Soke. Nowadays teaching holds only
in Japan. Hatsumi Masaaki gives to his
students from all the world the largest
share of wisdom and energy through
phisical, mental and spiritual teaching.
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